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Loches : a medieval city
Loches has been a strategically and historically important city since the Roman times, when it became a stake between the French and British kingdoms. The city was bought by Saint-Louis in 1249 becoming French property. It was one of the favourite places of Kings Jean Le Bon, Charles VII and Louis XI. The Chateau or "Logis Royal" is where Joan of Arc came to beseech Charles VII to go to the City of Reims in order to be crowned King of France. Agnès Sorel, the King's (Charles VIII) favourite and most influential mistress, decided to live in Loches to be near and advise her King and to escape the complexities and intrigue of court life in Paris. The fortress ("Le Donjon") originally built between the 10th and 11th centuries was used as a jail up until 1926.

La Chartreuse du Liget : Carthusian monastery
Founded by Henri II of England in 1178 as a gesture of atonement for the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas A Becket. The ruins of the 12th century church and cloisters can be seen along with the 18th century buildings.

Château de Montpoupon
Manor House from the 12th century with a famous huntsman museum as Montpoupon was one of the famous hunting teams in the area.

Château de Bridoré
A magnificently preserved feudal fortress with its impressive keep of 30 m high, crowned with watchtowers.

This world famous château belonged to 6 famous women, such as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis. It is therefore known as the Chateau des Dames (Ladies Chateau) and is distinctly feminine in its style and decor. The most well known (and photographed) chateau in the Loire Valley, it's arches span the Cher River. The Château's furniture and gardens are exceptionally well preserved.


Labelled as one of the most beautiful villages in France. During Middle-Ages, it belonged to the chief treasurer of the Tours Cathedral, hence its name: Hill (Mont) of the Treasure (Trésor).
The chateau, now privately owned but open for public visitation, developed over the centuries from a fortress built by Foulques Nerra (the Black Falcon), Count of Anjou, into a Renaissance dwelling. It was altered in the 19th century, when it was bought by Xavier Branicki, a Polish count who was a friend of Emperor Napoleon III and adorned it with a wealth of fine paintings, furniture and objects of art.

Chateau of Grand Pressigny and prehistoric museum
A medieval fortress rebuilt in the 16th century, it is made up of a fine group of buildings dating from the middle ages and the Renaissance. It also houses the prehistory museum which displays tools and other artefacts excavated locally.

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Visit the Royal château overlooking the Loire river. Valois and Bourbons graced Amboise with their presence until the Revolution. Today, it is the property of the Saint Louis Foundation, presided over by the Count of Paris.
In July and August there is an historical pageant called "à la cour du roi François" (at the court of King François), complete with performances by actors in period costume.
The Manor house (The Clos Lucé) is where Leonardo Da Vinci lived until his death in the early 16th century. Da Vinci was an integral part of the royal court and organised the royal festivities. The manor reflects how he lived before his death and actually houses models made from blue prints of his many inventions including the helicopter, the parachute, etc.

La Pagode de Chanteloup
An 18th century symbol of the people's interest in the Oriental arts, it is now all that remains of a magnificent chateau built by the Princess des Ursins.

Settled between the Loire and the Cher river, Tours is located in the heart of the Touraine region and reveals its historical heritage in the old center of the city at Place Plumereau, the château and its cathedral or with its ancient basilica of Saint-Martin.

Fine food and wine
Goat Cheese from Sainte-Maure de Touraine
Vineyards and wine markets : 9 AOC (appellations d'origine contrôlée ) labelled wines
Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

Gardens and nature
The International Parks and Gardens Festival: At the Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire from June to October
Château de Villandry gardens
Château de Valmer park and gardens,
Priori of Saint Cosme gardens,
Château de Bouges. Park and gardens

Others places
Carrière troglodytique de Vignemont (Loches)
See the unique white troglodytic homes and stone of Touraine

L'Aquarium de Touraine à Lussault sur Loire (near d'Amboise)
See over 10.000 fish from our rivers, streams and lakes as well as other tropical species

Le parc des mini-châteaux
On 2 hectares, see reproductions of about 25 châteaus of the Loire valley at 1/25 scale . It is the ideal place to choose the real châteaus you will wish to visit.